How do you avoid burnout?

As I told in my former post, last year I was on the verge of a burnout. My biggest problem so far is, that I want to be normal. I want to be like everyone else, and I want to be able to do what everyone else can.


One of the things that helped me, was realising I do not have to be ‘normal’. Heck, if someone is not normal, I am that someone. I am the person who is clumsy all the time, and usually is able to laugh about it herself. No, I am not a nutcase (oh well, I might be), I am just different. Like everyone is different.

Somehow that was not enough though. I still wanted, and want, to be like everyone else. I still wanted to be good enough to fit in. Starting to become fine with being out of the box did not help me completely. It were the people around me who care for me that did, You know what? Even while my apprenticeship-coaches told me that if I did not quit, things might get even worse… Even while my SO told me to please, please take care of myself… I was afraid still. I was afraid my parents would think I gave up too easily. My mother had been going on about the importance of finishing something and getting a degree, and I did not want to disappoint her. Was she right? Oh yes she was, I still do not have a job after half a year of trying. Was she right? No… since a job is not nearly as important as my health. Apart from being jobless, I am doing much better now I take care of myself.

I do work, in some way. I do have a webshop that I am trying to grow into a selling webshop. I do also take care of myself though, I make sure I do things I like. And yes, about half a year ago, I slept, a lot. Still I would love to know how to make sure this does not happen again. I cannot be a quitter every time, I do not want to be. But I do know I have to keep taking care of my health.

How do you avoid burnout? How do you speak up if there is too much on your plate?


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